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Huntington Harbour

Huntington Harbour is the “go to spot” for waterfront living in North Orange County. Located in the Northwest Corner of Huntington Beach, it is made up of 5 man-made islands. Admiralty, Davenport, Gilbert, Humboldt and Trinidad.

Huntington Harbour is bordered by Seal Beach and Sunset Beach and has a quaint, seaside feel and picturesque views! There are over 500 waterfront homes of all sizes.

There are 5 public “Mother’s beaches” where local families bring their children for fun in the sand and to enjoy the shallow water. It is also the spot where kayakers and paddle boarders get in as well. The Harbour is relatively shallow, 15-20 feet and generally a few degrees warmer than the ocean in the summer!

The Harbour is fun to explore by renting an electric boat, stand up paddle board or kayak or getting your own private charter! There are plenty of places to eat and drink including the infamous Captain Jacks and a local brewery.

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